Guest house

Guest house

Titulinis / Guest house


„Melt“ is a new and stylish guesthouse, found in the summer capital – Palanga, on J. Basanavičiaus street. You’ll have an option of choosing out of 18 different two-person, three-person or apartment type rooms. Each of them has its own name and color, which were thought of while keeping up the idea of daylight lighting and summer heat. Modern and minimalistic interior prevails in the guesthouse, and the theme of the sun ray spectrum is reflected in all the rooms and small details. Lovers of active recreation are ought to find the nearby “Palanga Summer Park” entertaining.

It’s the largest place of recreation and entertainment on the coast of Lithuania, offering a full assortment of services. Only here will you be able to try out the exceptional Olympic trampolines, allowing you to jump even higher into the air; an obstacle course, in which you will be able to try your own strength at it, and compete among yourselves. It is also here that the first 200 sq. meter ice skating rink in Lithuania is operating, allowing you to experience the pleasures of winter even on the hottest summer day, with no fear of catching a cold. Not to mention mini-golf, and services of bike and velomobile renting. In addition to all of that, the gourmet “Van Wurst” food pavilion is operating nearby, offering you especially tasty combinations of German sausages and Belgian fries, unheard of in Palanga, both for take-outs and eating at the location..


Phone: +370 647 33383


Adress: Basanavičiaus str. 43, Palanga


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