Inside the planetarium there is a mini movie theater showing movies at 360 degree viewing area. With a spherical projection system, the entire inside of the planetarium offers an image that includes a 360 ° viewing area, which is not offered by other contemporary cinema theatres. This is not a simple movie theater, because the movies that are shown are educational. Movies about astronomy, biology, history, nature, chemistry and the underwater world. The duration of the films ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, so the duration is good for children, because they don’t get bored.

The Planetarium is a great choice for different groups of people that are looking for other kinds of entertainment or activities that they can attend with the whole group of people. It’s not just fun for the whole family, but also a great education method for classes or camps. The planetarium operates in any weather, so it is a great choice if the weather in Palanga is cold or rainy.