Mini golf makes a great entertainment with no limits age-wise. This game is for people of all age groups starting with children and ending with senior players, regardless of their gender or the level of physical training. It is a fun game requiring precision and concentration. A group of players may consist from 2 to 6 people.
Try your skills and drive a ball into a hole with as little strikes as possible in this way collecting points and competing against your peers. If you fear that children would not be able to use the clubs, let us reassure you that our mini golf facilities will meet everyone’s needs, including even the smallest players and their parents, meanwhile professional staff would be happy to demonstrate the best techniques of the game. It is an excellent activity in an ever rushing world enabling to spend more quality time with the people you love! A mini golf course at Palanga Summer Park consists of 18 hand-made individually designed tracks. Once you finish playing, you will be welcome to relax in the recreational areas with hammocks and bean bags, to enjoy the German and Belgian cuisine at “Van Wurst” or to try out other entertainment at Palanga Summer Park!